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    LaserCap® uses low-level laser light therapy to improve cellular respiration and function by stimulating the hair follicle cells. Better breathing cells make for a better functioning hair follicle, and produces a happier, healthier hair! LaserCap® is backed by experts in the fields of science, medicine, and technology. Optimal power and ease of use are at the heart of the LaserCap®, giving our patients the best results possible. Until recently, this technology was only available through in-office devices, in hair clinics and the like. With LaserCap®, you can now take it home, making it a much more effective treatment.

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    Once a week tool used on scalp or skin to ensure nutrients reach the follicles or cells most effectively.Introducing Natural-ish amazing tool that will revolutionize your hair & skincare routine. Crafted with precision & engineered with care, this innovative device harnesses the potential to unlock your hair growth & skin care’s natural beauty.Embrace the endless possibilities that await you with the derma roller. Enhance the efficacy of all serums, moisturizers, and oils as they penetrate deeper with Natural-ish derma roller. With the derma roller your healthy hair or skin journey brings your dreams to a reality.  

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    Natural-ish Growth Therapy Bundle is the most effective bundle available today and is 100% drug free! A gentle, yet extremely effective solution to combat the appearance of all types of fine, thinning, and damaged hair with natural, gentler ingredients. The Growth Therapy Bundle is suggested for aggressive thinning, normal thinning, broken or damaged hair, and the early stages of aging hair. Get dream results without the pain. This non-invasive option for hair is a pain-less more effective option over PRP treatments.Includes:Miracle Growth Supplements1 Stem Growth Shampoo1 Scalp Clarifier1,4,7 Daily Growth Therapy (based on treatment areas)1 Amino Plus ConditionerTreatment time will vary by usageBonus: Derma Roller  

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    Natural-ish Hair Strengthening Bundle is great for those looking to maintain their hair, minimize damage from excessive heat, harsh chemicals, color treatments or extensions. This program is designed for optimal hair health and encourages fuller, thicker, shinier, healthy looking hair. Includes:Miracle Growth Supplements1 Stem Growth Shampoo1 Amino Plus Conditioner1 Scalp Clarifier 1 -ish mist 

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    The new enhanced hands free, hairmax Laser Band 82 features 82medical grade laser, which provide a super-fast 90 secondtreatment time- the fastest laser treatment for hair thinning. The HairMax Laser Band’s unique design cradles your scalp andincorporates a patented hair parting teeth mechanism, which partsyour hair during treatment, allowing maximum laser light delivery toyour follicles.

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    Natural-ish Healthy Hair Boost + Bundle was developed by doctors and hair thinning experts, as an easy convenient, multi-step solution with 11 DHT blockers, to help eliminate the major cause of genetic hair thinning and stimulate the hair’s natural growth cycle. Natural-ish’s Healthy Hair Boost + Bundle is safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities, struggling with Male Pattern & Female Pattern hair thinning. Includes:Miracle Growth Supplements1 Stem Growth Shampoo1 Scalp Clarifier1 Growth Serum w/Minoxidil 1 -ish mist 

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    Natural-ish Healthy Hair Boost Bundle pro-actively treats thinning hair, slows the progression of aging hair, and strengthens hair damaged by excessive heat, harsh chemicals, tight braids, weaves and extension. Includes:1 Scalp Clarifier1 (90 Day) Miracle Growth Supplements1 Stem Growth Shampoo1 Scalp Butter1 -ish mist 

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    UPGRADE your service menu the healthy way - Join our Trichologist Que and holistic Dr. Jen Shell hybrid course, as we enhance beauty careers with nature! •Expand service menu •Healthy hair essentials •Testing required  •Product demo  Career placement possible & much more! Our 2 week ultimate healthy hair styling course is your gate way to making top tier hair goals come true.  *classes are now HYBRID (virtual & in person) tentatively from 9am-5pm all further details will be sent out upon registration

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    Amino + Conditioner restores moisture to the hair and scalp by acting as a moisturizer and conditioner. It provides all the essential vitamins and minerals to the hair shaft. It adds fullness and shine to all hair types, along with 25 Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids necessary for healthy looking hair. It protects hair from frequent washing, photo-aging, and damage from brushing. A truly unique conditioner with protein that can help reduce hair thinning and encourage healthy hair rejuvenation.  

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    This product is known to be a gold mine for reversal of hair loss. An incredibly effective solution for thinning hair due to its powerful combination of 6 different types of Growth Factor Proteins. Daily Growth Therapy has a growth factor concentration of 24,000 ng/ml. This product comes with the derma roller to offer a more effective delivery bundle to attack thinning hair on a cellular level. Developed with an understanding and respect for the complex nature of growth factors and their stability, custom bottles were created with two chambers; separate the serum from the growth factor protein power. By Keeping the two ingredients separate, we can guarantee 99.9% purity. 

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    Gift Friends & Family something special for Holidays, Birthdays “Thinking of you” & more, starting at $10!

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    Natural-ish Growth Serum with Minoxidil is an enhanced rejuvenation formula combined with Saw Palmetto Extract, to inhibit 11 DHT topically, while speeding up the hair development cycle. Growth serum with minoxidil is suggested for men and women with medium to aggressive hair thinning. It contains soothing aloe to reduce inflammation, a contributing factor to hair thinning. This product provides a better delivery bundle when used with Scalp Clarifier, enabling better penetration for maximum effectiveness.Natural-ish Growth Serum helps restore hair growth, thickness and volume.