• $149.00

    Natural-ish Miracle Growth Supplements is a 3-in-1 natural dietary supplement designed to arrest pattern hair, skin, and nail thinning in both men and women of all ethnicities. This formula helps to protect the hair from the harmful effects of DHT , the known major cause of hair thinning, as well as to provide the essential hair, skin, and nail nutrients lacking in our daily diet.  A one step oral solution that gives your hair, skin, and nails the nutrients it needs to thrive optimally. This natural supplement fights DHT with 8 DHT inhibitors, hair nutrients, and a unique marine growth complex. These ingredients are proven to reduce the appearance of thinning hair, skin, and nails. Miracle Growth Supplements help the hair, skin, and nails to become stronger, fuller, revitalize faster, and are designed specifically for restoration.   

  • $21.97

    Revolutionary leave-in conditioner designed to increase hair vitality while creating a happy scalp all at the same time. This leave in conditioner has the natural ability to create the ideal atmosphere for optimum hair growth and is great for use with wigs, braids, hair extensions, or hair pieces. Ready to step into a world where every strand of your hair is nourished, protected & unmistakably radiant? Say good bye to dull, frizzy hair as -ish mist works it’s magic.    

  • $27.00

    Made with authentic chebe this moisturizer sealant is formulated to ensure your hair maintains its growth longterm. Combined with our customers favorite -ish mist leave in conditioner, this butter delivers superior scalp and hair growth results. Your hair deserves nothing but the best and with the extraordinary scalp butter you can unlock the true potential of healthier hair!  

  • $39.00

    Revitalize your scalp by removing excessive sebum oils and debris, which restrict fragile hairs from growing and disabling maximum hair rejuvenation. Scalp Clarifier is laboratory tested to work beneath the scalp surface to increase the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle’s root. Scalp Clarifier contains a high concentration of B Vitamins to help strengthen hair. Scalp Clarifier significantly aids in penetration of topical hair thinning products including Daily Growth Therapy &/or Growth Serum with minoxidil for maximum effectiveness. Clarifying your scalp means improved scalp environment for optimum hair growth.   

  • $9.97

    All Natural  Traditional Silk Bonnet (one size fits all)

  • $14.97

    All Natural Silk w/ edge wrap (one size fits all)

  • $17.97

     All Natural Silk Bonnet (one size fits all)

  • $19.97

    All natural Silk Pillow Case w/bonus edge band (one size fits all)

  • $27.00

    An herbal DHT Inhibiting Shampoo designed to gently cleanse the scalp of dirt, pollution and DHT. This unique blend will also help inhibit DHT, which has been found to be the primary cause of hair thinning. Stem Growth Shampoo helps in promoting healthy follicle stimulation and the production of hair stimulating keratin protein. This specially formulated shampoo is free of sulfates, Cocamide DEA and Parabens and helps hair look stronger, thicker and provides moisture and shine to all hair types. You’ll love the results!   

  • $790.00 $1,270.00

    This package includes 10 wash & go sessions to promote healthier hair growth and define natural curl pattern.  *Restrictions may apply

  • $311.00 $518.00

    The package includes one month of laser-ish therapy services which can be received as often as every other day for maximum hair growth results or even scalp recovery. (Up to 15 sessions)